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Financial Planning


GBSEDS’ Expert Team Can Help

GBSEDS’ Expert Team Can Help.

Planning for the financial aspects of surrogacy can be daunting. We have various solutions to help answer your financial questions as you consider beginning this process.

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CapexMD specializes in patient financing services for all fertility treatment options. Through our partnership with CapexMD, we are able to offer customized loan programs with highly competitive rates that include a variety of loan types. Their simple loan process makes the experience of fertility financing relatively stress-free. Once approved, our financial counselors will work closely with their Fertility Loan Specialists to ensure that your funds are secured on time and your treatment is not delayed. Together with CapexMD, we can make sure financial issues do not get in the way of your dream of having a baby.

Some of CapexMD’s many advantages include:

  • Specialist in Fertility Financing
  • Highly Competitive Rates
  • Approval within 24 Hours
  • Highest Confidentiality
  • No Prepayment Penalties
  • Personal Attention
  • Easy and Secure Online Application
  • Flexible Terms
  • No Annual Fees
  • Retain Your Existing Credit Sources

United Medical Credit

Our partnership with United Medical Credit helps patients secure the funding they need for their healthcare procedures. You can rely on their proven track record, which brings over 30 years of experience in financing healthcare procedures. Their knowledgeable team is here to support you through every step of the process and promise to meet or exceed your expectations. Through their network of healthcare-focused lenders, their associates will be able to help you secure the financing that you need, within the time frame you need it. They offer financing options to individuals with good, sub-par, and no credit. You can even apply with a co-signer to strengthen your application. No matter what kind of treatment you need or what kind of financial situation you’re in, they want to help you finance your surrogacy journey. Thank you for your interest in UMC financing for your procedure/services at Great Beginnings Surrogacy & Great Beginnings Surrogacy Services.

Surrogacy Fees

Surrogates set their own surrogate compensation benefit levels. First-time gestational surrogates receive $40,000 in base compensation. Experienced surrogates generally receive $5,000 more than their previous surrogacy as some Intended Parents feel comfort in their ability to produce positive outcomes.

Some surrogates are open to negotiation while others are not. It is GBSEDS’ role to communication about finances and surrogate compensation between all parties to prevent any conflict or confrontation between the members of our baby dream team. We have found openness and honesty on all sides tends to result in a compensation amount agreeable to all.

We understand it can seem overwhelming with so many factors to consider before reaching your final match selection. We believe your ability to understand and trust each other is first and foremost. However, financial factors can’t help but play a part in what is literally a lifetime investment. Many price points are fixed, such as services provided by our agency partners. Other items may save money in the short run but create a whole range of unforeseen issues that cost you even more over time. We are here to help make sense of it all. Let us share a few examples in hopes of bringing clarity to complex issues.

Intended Parent Financial FAQ's

Intended Parent Financial FAQ's

First-Time vs. Experienced Surrogate

First-time gestational surrogates may seem more risky due to their unknown response to treatment. However, it is important to realize nothing is certain. First-time surrogates can often sail through with no problems whereas experienced surrogates may suddenly develop a response during your surrogacy process which cannot be helped, predicted nor prevented by anyone.

Surrogate Residence

Geographic location, including local vs. out-of-town, same-state vs. out-of-state, etc may seem such a difficult choice to make. It’s actually incredibly easy.

Local gestational surrogates may save on mileage reimbursement but may be harder to find in a short period of time due to being the most highly prized population by Intended Parents. You’ll have lots of “competition” for local surrogates as many like-minded people quickly reduce the number from which to choose. In this case, Intended Parents interested in starting a cycle immediately may need to significantly widen their area of search to meet their preferred timeline.

Some Intended Parenst believe same-state gestational surrogates may provide a different level of peace of mind since you will both be operating under the exact same legal system. However, out-of-state surrogates may be more readily available and, since our surrogate attorneys are well-versed in the surrogacy laws of other states, very few obstacles have not already been anticipated and proactively addressed. Out-of-state gestational surrogates receive lower base compensation which can help ease your finances.

A good question to ask is how combatable the surrogacy law in the other state is with California surrogacy law. In most instances, as long as the surrogate contract is signed or the embryo transfer occurs or the delivery occurs in California, the California surrogacy laws will apply. Should your gestational surrogate come from a state where the surrogacy laws are just too complex, you have the option of bringing your surrogate to California a month or so ahead of delivery. She can be set her up in a comfortable living arrangement, such as a Residence Inn or month-to-month condo to help you feel comfortable delivering in such a surrogacy-friendly state.

Other Contributing Factors

Other aspects that impact costs include your specific fertility treatment needs, e.g., needing an egg donor or deciding to do genetic testing on your embryos before transfer will add to your fees. Your country of residence may directly impact expenses as some countries may require you to adopt your baby (even though you’ll have legal documents stating you are the baby’s parent(s) in the eyes of California surrogacy law). International Intended Parents may reasonably expect significant travel expenses, the need for more extended stays and purchasing newborn medical coverage to cover your baby’s medical care while here. Yet another unpredictable variable is whether your surrogate may require physician-ordered bed rest prior to delivery, necessarily incurring costs due to lost wages and additional child care needs.

Surrogate Insurance Benefit Coverage

All employees in the United States are now required to either have benefits provided by their employer or purchase medical insurance themselves. Modernization of insurance coverage policies have produced many plans favorable to, or at least do not specifically exclude, surrogacy. However, the best plans are often not the ones your surrogate and her partner/spouse may find most feasible to meet their family needs.

Though often offering coverage for gestational surrogacy and more reliably available to a growing family, Covered California is a system with an extremely limited application “window,” called Open Enrollment. Surrogate applications for new coverage must be received and purchased within only a few months each year. Typically, between October and February, depending on the date your surrogate signed up for Covered California benefits, California residences are allowed to either enroll for the first time or switch between coverage plan levels (which may also result in switching between different medical insurance companies offering Covered California plans). These “open” and “closed” dates are established by the government in each state and are non-negotiable. That means your surrogate may be “stuck” out of the Covered California system or be unable to switch between different types of Covered California plans until the window opens again.

In some instances, it’s better for your surrogate to stay under her partner/spouse’s employee insurance plan rather than attempting to switch back and forth between Covered California plans.

Disclaimer: we are not highly trained insurance agents nor can we give you specific medical insurance advice. You will get all your questions answered by the insurance review conducted for your surrogate by an insurance expert as mandated by California surrogacy law.

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