Testimonials from Our Beloved Surrogates


“I started my first journey with GBSS in April 2022. Luckily, my husband, mom, and kids were all so supportive of my decision to become a surrogate. During the match call with the intended parents, everyone in my family joined in, making it feel like two families coming together. My Intended Parents from the first journey still keep in touch, sharing updates and photos of the baby. Now, I’m starting on my second journey, we just got done with legal, and now we’re getting ready for the embryo transfer.

When I started my first journey, I was a stay-at-home mom and with the compensation, I am now able to fulfill my dream of being a surgical tech. My experience with GBSS has been filled with so much self-growth and joy.”

Korina 2x GBSS Surrogate

“I’m a first-time surrogate from San Diego. I found GBSS through a Google search and loved reading all of their positive reviews. The Intended Parents, who came all the way from China, really wanted a baby girl after having three boys. They explained that the Intended Mother couldn't carry the baby herself, so they trusted me to help reach their dream of completing their family. It meant the world to me when they visited me at the clinic during the embryo transfer, especially since they lived so far away. Now, I'm just waiting for that special moment when we hear their baby girl’s heartbeat. Being a surrogate for the first time has been an amazing experience, filled with so much gratitude and joy. I'm just so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of something so beautiful.”



“I heard about this agency from my friend who was a surrogate with them and since I'm local to San Diego, it seemed perfect. I met the Intended Parents who were from Northern California. They really wanted a family but had some setbacks along the way. After a failed cycle, they tried again and ended up with four embryos, but unfortunately, the Intended Mom couldn't carry due to a health condition. So, that's where I came in! We all clicked right away, and I was so excited to carry twins for them. After two successful embryo transfers, the whole process went smoothly. In 2023, they welcomed two adorable babies into the world and were over the moon. As a hospital social worker, this journey has been extra special for me. It's moments like these that remind me of the beauty of helping others create their families.”



“As a second time surrogate with GBSS, I can truly say that they are one of the best agencies out there. They always took care of me as I commuted all the way from Victorville and made sure I was well taken care of. I decided to go with them for my first journey back in March 2023 because when I met with potential Intended Parents who were trying for 10+ years to conceive without any luck, their story moved me so much that I felt like it was my life duty to help them. I made sure to always give them updates on the baby throughout my journey. Fortunately, my pregnancy and delivery went so smooth, I even contacted my coordinator to do a second journey from the hospital room! I am now onto my second journey with them, and I just feel so grateful to have crossed paths with their wonderful team.”

Melissa 2x GBSS Surrogate

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