How Does a Video Match Call Work?

May 09, 2024
How Does a Video Match Call Work?
You know surrogacy is the right choice for building your family, and now it’s time to meet your potential surrogate. Find out how a video match call works so you know what to expect.

Surrogacy is a complex process involving medical procedures, legal contracts, and financial transactions. But before all of this, intended parents (IPs) must find the right surrogate to carry and deliver their child. 

At Great Beginnings Surrogacy Services @Gen 5 (GBSS@G5) in San Diego, California, our surrogacy expert, Dr. Samuel Wood, and our team of specialists work hard to find the perfect match between IPs and surrogates.

After reviewing surrogate profiles and making a selection, we schedule a video match call for our IPs and surrogates to get to know each other and see if it’s a good fit.

How does a video call match work?

Before the video match call

A lot has to happen before we set up a video match call between IPs and a surrogate. We first meet with IPs to discuss the surrogacy process in detail. IPs need to fully understand all that’s involved so they know that surrogacy and our agency are the right choices for growing their families.

We only use gestational surrogates, so there’s no biological connection between the baby and the surrogate. We do this to reduce legal complications. 

Once IPs decide to add to their family using a surrogate, we select surrogate profiles for them to review. Then, we set up a video call with the surrogate they feel makes a good match on paper. 

Meeting your potential surrogate

The purpose of the surrogate video match call is for you and the surrogate to get to know each other. You should come to the meeting with a list of all of your questions, such as:

  • What made you decide to become a surrogate?
  • What are your expectations from us?
  • What type of support do you have at home?
  • How can we best support you through the pregnancy?

The video match call is also the time to get to know the surrogate more personally. Ask about home or work life, what they like to do for fun, or their favorite food. 

Your potential surrogate also asks you questions to ensure this is a good fit for them. They also need to feel comfortable with you and have the proper support.

What happens next

After the video call, if both parties approve, we move forward with the surrogacy process. The surrogate undergoes a psychological screening and then meets with your fertility doctor for an evaluation and medical workup.  

IPs also meet with a mental health professional for psychosocial education and counseling. Both parties also consult with their attorneys to discuss and finalize the details of the legal contracts.

After medical and psychological screenings are complete and contracts are signed, the surrogate starts the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process. 

The video match call is one of the first steps in the surrogacy process aimed at finding the right match. IPs and surrogates must feel comfortable with each other to make the complicated process as joyous as possible.

Working with a surrogacy agency like ours can make the process less bumpy. We walk you through every step and prescreen all surrogates before presenting them to you. 

Surrogacy gives you the chance to have a family. Let us help you on your journey. Call our office today or book a consultation online.